Hospitality Uniforms Collection

Hospitality Uniform Clothing with modern uniform design elements made with durable fabric for world class hospitality providers in the UAE and Middle East.

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As a hospitality clothing supplier, our collection covers all hospitality sectors with our most popular being Hotel, Restaurant & Hospital Uniforms while also serving Spa, Salon and Aviation sectors. We also make hotel bags with logo - printed or embroidered.


Prices are based on Final Colors, Sizes, Fabrics and Quantity of Uniforms.

hotel & restaurant uniforms

Front Desk uniforms

A receptionist uniform carries a hotel’s image, front and centre.

housekeeping uniforms

A housekeeping uniform faces a lot of dust/sand and needs to be durable. 

waiter/waitress uniforms

Casual or formal waiter/waitress uniform with or without aprons.

chef uniforms

Chef Jackets, Hats and Trousers with customized aprons.

laundry staff uniforms

Laundry uniforms have to be sturdy and highly resistant.

Guest Relations uniforms

When it comes to PR, you need to be at your presentable best.

Pool Side/Bar waiting staff uniforms

Just like any waiting staff uniform - formal or casual.

pool side life guard uniforms

A must have for all hotels with pools. Durable and comfortable.

spa uniforms

Spa tunics, trousers and dresses.

salon uniforms

Salon tunics, trouser and dresses.


hospital uniforms



Scrubs or hospital set is the most basic hospital uniform for doctors and nurses alike. 

lab coats

Lab coats are used by Doctors and nurses at Hospitals on a daily basis.

surgical gowns

The OT Overalls are based on a unisex pattern and tied at the back with straps. 


aviation uniforms - cabin crew

pilot uniforms

Made with special attention to fabric detail & manufactured with utmost precision. 

air hostess/steward uniforms

Perfectly stitched, our Airline Uniform ensures comfortable fit to the wearer.

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front desk/receptionist uniform

Receptionist Uniform

A hotel front desk uniform carries a hotel’s image, front and centre, hence they are integral to modern hotel uniforms. As hotel uniform suppliers in UAE, we understand that completely. These uniforms are widespread among all multi national corporations and organizations with a front desk and a welcome staff.


housekeeping uniform

Housekeeping uniform

Housekeeping uniforms are a major part of a hotel chain and is worn by the maximum number of people on a hotel staff. It faces a lot of dust and sand and hence needs to be durable. The hotel cleaning staff uniform design contributes as much to a hotel’s reputation as any other uniform. 


Waiter/Waitress uniform

Waiting Staff Uniform

A waiter/waitress uniform can be part of a memorable experience for a customer and that good impression left on your customer will go a long way in building your reputation.

Our high quality designs and fabric combinations for 5 star hotel uniforms are really eye catching. We have formal or casual wear for restaurants, coffee shops & cafe as well.


chef uniform

Multi Pocket Vest

A chef is the backbone of a restaurant and hence chef uniforms are as important.

Best hotel uniforms consist of a simple but well designed chef jacket combined with a chef's hat & apron.

It will be like icing on the cake when the next time your chef is called out for a compliment by a customer.


Spa & Salon Uniform

Spa/Salon Uniform

Women's hospitality spa/salon uniforms are made with high quality materials and consist of tunics, trousers and dresses that are fully in line with your company's requirements and brand identity.


lab coats, scrubs and ot overalls/Surgical gowns

Doctor uniform

Lab coats are used by doctors and nurses at hospitals on a daily basis. Its a simple, white colored & knee length coat with pockets and other functional details like pen holders and loops for keeping/holding small equipments. Usually, embroidery companies would provide a logo on front chest only. However, we take the color scheme and apply small details and accents to the lab coat. (Lab coats are also used by teachers, lab assistants and students in schools and universities).

Scrubs or Scrub suit is the most basic hospital uniform for doctors and nurses alike. Worn by the staff as an all purpose hospital uniform during working hours, often accompanied by a lab coat/overall coat mentioned above. As a hospital uniform manufacturer in UAE, we are dealing with constant requirements for medical uniforms in Dubai and all the other emirates.

The OT Overalls/Surgical Gowns are tailor made to be high quality and provide enough space with unique customized fitting for the doctor to be comfortable while performing surgery. We also provide Operation theatre masks (surgical masks), hospital gloves (surgical gloves) and surgical caps etc.


aviation - cabin crew uniform

Cabin Crew Uniform

As the leading aviation uniform suppliers in UAE, our Pilot Uniforms are manufactured with utmost precision. It is appreciated for its intact stitch, tear resistance, color-fastness and shrink resistance. Stringently checked and tested, we provide nothing but the best for pilots.

Perfectly stitched, our steward and air hostess uniform ensures comfortable fit to the wearer. As textile manufacturers, we focus on producing only premium fabric which is very soft and has a smooth texture. It is colorfast and shrink resistant. 


transportation uniforms 

Bus Driver Uniforms with Vest

Put your best foot forward with our stylish travel, tourism & transportation uniform set.

We provide an array of bus driver uniforms with jackets, pants, vest, hat as part of both tour bus driver uniforms and government transport authorities. We also make uniforms for driving instructors and limo drivers in UAE.

All uniforms above are for indicative purposes. We can customize every single thread of your uniform as per your needs and requirements.

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