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all uniforms under one roof

All Uniforms Under One Roof

There is a huge requirement of labor uniform suppliers in UAE, due to continuous development which happens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates of the country. On the other hand, there is no dearth of requirements for Corporate clothing.

As a uniform supplier in a city like Dubai, we have to meet the requirements of various types of companies which differ greatly in terms of their industry and employees. We have an extensive range of uniforms which extends from labor & workwear uniforms to corporate suits.

Few examples from our range:

  • Knit Uniforms: Crew Necks, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Hoodies, Sports Tops / Trousers, Fleece Jackets.
  • Woven Uniforms: Corporate Shirts, Corporate Suits, Workwear, Coveralls, Winter Jackets, Hospital Uniforms and Hotel Uniforms.
  • Bed & Bath Textiles: Towels, Bed Linens, Table Linens, Mattresses, Blankets, Pillows.
  • Accessories: Ties, Scarves, Belts etc.
  • Safety Products: Helmets, Gloves, Hi-Vis Vests & all other accessories of PPE.

We have categorized our uniform range based on their industry. Below you can find each category of uniform with an overview and product range for a cursory look.

Corporate Uniforms


Look smart with our fine Corporate Apparel collection. Made with the best of quality for the smart and confident corporate individuals who do not compromise.

See Corporate Clothing Collection for more.

Product range includes Polos, T-Shirts, Caps, Formal Shirts, Formal Pants, Coats/Blazers, Winter Jackets, Formal Skirts, Cargo Pants, Denim Pants etc.


Workwear including safety wear, coveralls etc. The right quality fabric makes all the difference in harsh and demanding conditions of a work site.

See Industrial Clothing Collection for more.

As leading workers uniform suppliers in Dubai, our wide product range includes Coveralls, Bib Overalls, Multi pocket Vests, Security Uniforms & Security Accessories, Safety Uniforms & Safety Accessories etc.

Hospitality Uniforms

Hospitality UNIFORMS

World class hospitality providers need the best looking uniforms. Look no further as we have the most design centric and durable uniforms for you.

See Hospitality Clothing Collection for more.

Product range includes Hospital wear like scrubs and lab coats, Hotel wear like housekeeping and chef uniforms, Aviation Uniforms, Spa/Salon Uniforms etc.

school uniforms

We have all kinds of school uniforms with great customization works and durable construction. Great quality and design assured for the leaders of tomorrow.

See School Uniform Collection for more.

School Uniforms

Product range includes Boy's Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Polos and Girl's Shirts/Blouses, Pants, Tops, Track Suits etc.

Sports Uniforms

sports uniforms

Sports are an essential part of any School, University curriculum as well as a great team building tool for any Company or Organization.

See Sports Uniform Collection for more.

Product range includes Cricket Uniforms, Soccer Uniforms, Rugby Uniforms, Tennis Uniforms, Golf Uniforms, Jockey Uniforms etc.

bed & bath linen

Beautifully designed and elegantly placed bed & bath textiles are guaranteed to make any place look like a luxury abode.


See Bed & Bath Collection for more.

Bed Textiles

Product range includes Home Bedding, Bath Textiles, Hotel Bedding, Hotel Table Linen etc.

Promotional Items

Giveaways & promotional items

Corporate events, parties, business get togethers and corporate meetings are incomplete without a customized gift from the hosting company/organization. Products include keychains, USB, mugs, business card holders, travel wallets, organizer cases, carry bags etc.

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Flags & national day wear

National Day in UAE is nothing short of a festival. We supply UAE as well as other country flags. We make printed or embroidered car, table, roof, rob, hotel, hand, pole and company flags.

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