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TSI Apparel Uniform Company Profile

our brief

TSI Apparel was founded in 2014, as a division of TSI International, to be the one stop solution provider for uniforms in Dubai, UAE - starting from the design process all the way to the delivery of uniforms at our client's choice of port. While majority production of uniforms is done in our uniform facility in UAE, bulk production is handled by TSI Industries - our factory.

our belief - Uniform design philosophy

Uniforms are the identity of any company/organization and hence we strive to enable them to put their most stylish foot forward. At TSI Apparel, we believe in 3 Fs while designing uniforms:

  • Fit 
  • Fabric
  • Function

The right combination of Fit, Fabric and Function coming together harmoniously in a uniform will uplift the image of any company in front of its customers.

See our Design Studio for details.

Uniforms - The Brand Identity of a Company -  Tell your story with the right combination of Fit, Fabric & Function

Uniforms - The Brand Identity of a Company - Tell your story with the right combination of Fit, Fabric & Function

We completely guarantee the quality of our products and aim to provide excellent customer support for quick and easy resolution of any issues. We work on the international quality standard AQL 2.5 & welcome our clients to inspect their production in our factory.

Our Mission

To create and convey our customer's brand image through premium, high quality and durable uniforms which tell their brand's story in the most stylish, classic and timeless way...which leads to our tagline...

Create your style, with us! 


PRemium uniforms

Create your style, with us!

What We've Achieved

We have worked with hundreds of companies all over the world and share a great relationship with them. As uniform makers we have helped create their brand identity. This is our biggest achievement. We value and cherish all our customers and would always strive to serve them better.

In a short span of time, thanks to our dedicated team members and our respected clients, we have become the highest rated uniform supplier in UAE.

Check out our Reviews on Google and Facebook, if you have not worked with us before.

You are most welcome to send us your uniform enquiry, work with our team of highly professional and technically qualified people and find out for yourself!



have made us The Best Uniform Supplier in UAE

Our promise

We will continue to provide high quality uniforms which have always made a positive impression on our clients and has established us, as the best uniform company in UAE.

We will always provide the best prices for uniforms in the current market due to our implementation of modern cost-cutting and efficient practices at the root level.

We shall always strive to provide an exceptional 'personalized uniform' experience for our clients where everything is "tailored" to their needs.