Our Services - Customized Uniforms

We manufacture custom made uniforms for companies - with complete customized branding which gives our clients total control over the fabric, color, sizing as well as embellishments and any other details, they require on their uniforms. We are one of the few uniform manufacturers in UAE offering Uniform Design services to clients.

Few of our main operations:

  • Customized Designing - Visit our Design Studio to learn more
  • Uniform Tailoring - Custom Sizing | Patterns/Fitting | Tailored Stitching & Alterations
  • Fabrication - Custom Fabric production in any color of your choice
  • Embroidery - Logos & any other branding/design element
  • Printing - Logos & any other branding/design element

We manufacture high volume and bulk uniform orders in our textile production factory - TSI Industries - which gives us total control over the process from start to finish. 

Uniform Tailors - sizing, fitting, stitching

Made to Measure Uniforms

We offer UK international standard sizes. In special cases, if some employees do not come under standard sizing norms, we can arrange custom measurement services in order to meet their requirements.

However, if you want made to measure uniforms, our experienced tailors can provide you with a perfect fitting uniform.

Pattern and fitting

Patterns are created for sizes and full approval is taken before proceeding with production.

Tailored Stitching

We can also provide tailored stitching for branding purposes as well as alterations and fitting services, if needed.

fabrication - Custom fabrics & Colors

Fabrics for Uniforms

Select from a wide range of premium quality fabrics. We can provide you a variety of readymade or in-stock fabrics. If needed we can create custom fabrics for you, right from the thread.

Custom Colors for Uniforms

We offer a wide variety of colors to choose from. If you have a custom color and pattern palette for your brand, we can create your choice of fabric in that color.

Embroidery & printing

Logo Embroidery on Uniform

For all uniforms with logo, we provide options to use embroidery or print. Other than the logo, embroidery techniques can also extend to other parts of the uniform as well, like small detailing in the front or back to have your company brand stand out with unique design choices.

Printing on textiles can be done in several ways. There are different techniques to print a logo or a large graphic on your uniform. We do them all!

Most common being Screen Printing as shown below:

Screen Printing Uniforms